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Kenwood L-1000M Amplifier Rare, Excellent In Original Packaging [Expired]

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I am pleased to offer this rare Kenwood L-1000M power amplifier. The L-1000C and L-1000M were among the last of the famous Kenwood Lab Series and were offered by Kenwood circa 1991. When new, the L-1000M retailed for $1,800.00. Run that through an inflation calculator and that is $3,000 in today’s money. The Kenwood L or Lab Series were exclusive statement audio components that were designed and built through the old Kenwood and Accuphase (originally Kensonic) partnership. Lab models were designed with passion and the goal of achieving the highest levels of sonic purity as the primary motivators and not with profitability as the bottom line. They were not intended for the average consumer looking to buy a stereo, instead for the devoted audiophile with discriminating music listening standards.
I will not attempt to go into great detail in describing the specs of this model but if you will do a search you will find a page on the Vintage Knob where there is a page devoted to this model. All the specs are there for the L-1000M. Be sure to click the "User" button towards the bottom of the page for some feedback provided by another L-1000M owner.
From my research I have found that the L-1000M was developed by a Kenwood Great Britain team and at least the circuitry was manufactured by Accuphase. I even read in one discussion forum in Europe that Jeff Rowland had a hand in the L-1000M's design. Don't quote me on that but I thought it was worth mentioning at any rate. Maybe somebody can confirm or correct me. Historically speaking, this model series which originated circa the mid 90's is one of the last serious and truly audiophile quality offerings by Kenwood. As such, they stand as a culmination of Kenwood's very significant role in modern high fidelity development.
I should point out that while the L-1000M is certainly aesthetically speaking, minimalist and modern in design, it is also extremely well thought out and constructed to the highest Accuphase-esque standards. What may not be obvious from the photos is that the side outer panels are thick extruded anodized aluminum and the face is CAST aluminum. The top of the L-1000M is a combination of extruded anodized aluminum panels with cast aluminum venting grills. The knobs are also milled from solid aluminum- nothing is plastic or hollow. Below these outer panels there is a steel sub frame, vibration dampening and shielding. The amp is very heavy weighing in at 60 lbs. From pictures the style might deceive some into associating the L-1000M with run of the mill modern day "black box" mediocrity. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The L-1000M will be 65 lbs shipped. It will come packaged in the original packaging and on top of that I will place the original box in a heavy duty outer box for additional protection and contents concealment.
I can't speak highly enough about this very special and rare Kenwood. The L-1000M will hold its own against power amps costing several thousands more and it occupies real estate on the border of diminishing returns. In other words, you can spend MANY thousands more and not discern any appreciable difference in sonic quality! It is the real deal and to top it off, it is very rare and will hold if not go up in value.