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Classe CP-800 Pre-Amplifier [Expired]

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Amended on

Amended on

After looking at the original recipt the unit is actually 10 months old not 6 months old, this does not change the quality of this pre-amplifier, however I wanted to let everyone know.

Classe' Audio Premier pre-amplifier. This unit is only 6 months old and has limited use. It has no scratchs or and discoloration, like new out of box. I love the unit but I am selling it because I have overextended myself and also have ML No. 336 amp and ML No. 28 pre amp. It is the best pre amp I have ever heard however under the circumstances I had to make a choice and will be able to get more for the Classe'. If you want to see more information you can go here , this shows description as well specs of unit. I only took pictures of the front of the unit, I did not want to move the unit until it has sold. If you want to see the back please let me know and I will take pictures of the back. It was sold from the Soundwave in lubbock.