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Brinkmann The Integrated High-End Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

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Item Description

The Brinkmann Integrated Amplifier impresses with its puristic design, featuring only the minimum of control elements.The control panel includes left hand a headphone plug-in, the input selector, in the middle a LED indicating operation, right hand the volume control and a stand-by push button. The operations are to be made directly at the amplifier, volume and stand-by may also be driven via remote control. The buffer stage for the tape recording output "rec" always carries the signal of the choosen input. 100W / 4ohms - 70W / 8 ohms.
Four linear inputs. Two optional digital inputs. Record output. Mundorf speakers connectors. Headphone output at the front panel. Remote control, power cord. Bought 10 months ago. Mint condition. Not really used 9/10. I don't need two audio systems. Musical & marvelous sound. High-End Integrated Amplifier.