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BMC M-1 Mono Block Amplifiers [Expired]

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Item Description

We have a beautiful pair of BMC M1 Monoblocks for sale. These amplifiers are absolutely amazing at there price and sound better than many amplifiers that are twice there retail price.. These amps with there 2kw transformers in each one will drive any loudspeakers on the market and with finesse. if driven by BMC's Preamp/Dac which we also have available it allows you to take advantage of the Current Injection inputs and Digm circuit. This is your chance to save a little on BMC. They have a NO Discount policy and are sold at retail price only and the dealer commissions are very small. this is how they keep there retail prices so low with No distributor and dealer markups. those of you that know how it works on new orders. customers order through a dealer but pay BMC US representitive direct. please see the technical data below. For more info please call us (719)203-6619
The BMC Concept:

• No Inflated Retail
• High Value for Money
• Most Models Upgradeable
• Innovative Designs Serving Music
• Benefits in Sound by Technology with BMC sets

Product Features:
• Cool Running
• Silent Operation
• Massive Build Quality
• No Feedback in Signal Path
• No Compression at any Volume Level
• Perfectly Balanced from Input to Output
• Independent Delivery of Current & Voltage

Universally applicable as a classic 1 circuit final amplifier. With balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input.

In a B.M.C. chain a consistent short signal path using the DIGM volume/ amplification is advisable, controlled by DAC1, with the advantage that you do without both the signal attenuation and the senseless amplification. Through two unconnected mono final amplifiers the channel separation is unsurpassable.

Tonal and technical crème de la crème: The balanced CI (current Injection) input which offers a further increase in the purity of the signal and thus the immediacy of the music reproduction by processing the original input current up to its arrival at the loudspeakers.

All our amplifiers have one thing in common:

In each of them potters a gigantic power pack with a 2 KW ring-core transformer. We have also made no economies anywhere else – as can be clearly seen. There has already been a mention of it but we don’t wish to deny you a look into the inside. For the sight of this is a sure indication of the elemental force with which our equipment goes to work.

Power is, and remains, dependent on size. In order to make an impression on the Walls of Jericho, it takes something more than a soft humming.

Product Specifications:

Natural distortion-free circuit concept in consistent format:
200 watts on 8 Ohm
380 watts on 4 Ohm

Gigantic power pack with:
2kW ring-core transformer

Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz

2Hz - 180kHz

S/N Ratio:
105db ~ 125db


Damping Factor:

Inputs Balanced:
Balanced XLR + Balanced XLR-CI (current injection)

Inputs Unbalanced:
Unbalanced RCA

Input Impedance:
50k Ohm to ground
100k Ohm differential at XLR

Input Impedance, (CI) Current Injection Input:
1.5k Ohm serial at XLR-CI

Input Sensitivity:
Max. 750mV RCA
Max. 1.5V XLR

Volume Adjustment:
DIGM in 66 precise 1db increments

Speaker Output:
1 pair with gold plated binding posts

17.1 x 15.9 x 5.9 (WxDxH)

88 lbs.

Content of Packing:
- AMP M1
- Power Cord
- Optical DIGM Waveguide
- Owners Manual

B.M.C. – The Company

Carlos Candeias and his team formerly designed and produced (also for OEM) very high grade audio components for renowned brands, and gathered a lot of international acknowledgement from music lovers and audio press.
Based on this background the idea of realising new concepts by forming this team came up. Thus B.M.C. company was founded, in order to realise exceptional components with an elegant look, and with the flexibility and future options of a modular design, for the individual music lover.

Elegant Models with an Individual Note

High-End audio components, in some cases with individual configurations, with a modular design that opens the door for future updates, targeting the traditional High-End audio fan. Modular sets with technical state-of-the-art grade also offer ambitious designers a chance to realise their appearance ideas with top-end technology and sound quality.

B.M.C. stands for stirring sound quality based on exceptional and innovative technology, which, combined with elegant appearance, fair price and individual options of the modular design, sets a refreshing note within the High-End audio world.

Legal Company Definition

B.M.C. Audio GmbH is a legal German GmbH, founded Jan. 30.2009. Owner and Managing Director is Juan Carlos Candeias Isaac. Company address is Germany, 34123 Kassel, Erlenfeldweg 39a.


B.M.C. audio offers a comprehensive service starting from consulting up to the find audio system. Together with the outstanding quality of the products this is likely to be a quite unique service within the audio world.

With our Internet presence we are able to deliver company and product information to any music lover on the planet. Due to modern electronic communication we can offer our support exceeding regional or national boundaries.

In this way we are our customer's partner.