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Ayre VX-5 Diamond output stage [Expired]

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Item Description

This is the latest power amp from Ayre, which incorporates all the new innovations such as the Diamond output stage. If you read the Ayre AX-5 review in Stereophile, in which Art Dudley claimed it was one of his three all time favorite solid state amps, then you should know this is the upgraded power amp only version. This has 175 watts per channel into 8 ohms, doubling that into 4 ohms. This is the best solid state amp I have heard, and a quantuum leap from the V5xe. It is superbly transparent, and mesmerizing to listen to with fantastic detail and musicality. It is also the most natural sounding solid state amp I have heard. I have a Ref150 also, and listen to this equally. They are both really GREAT amps. Selling only because I just cannot keep both, and the rest of my system is ARC.
This also has the Cardas connectors drilled out (by Ayre) to accept banana plugs or spades, as did the AX-5 Dudley reviewed.
I am the original owner, bought new from a dealer about two months ago. Flawless, not a scratch, and smoke free home.
The lights in the picture are not always on. They come on when the amp is turning off. When on, there is a very attractive violet/blue light only.