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Acoustic Imagery Atsah NC1200 Hypex NCore Technology - ultra low noise and distortion. [Expired]

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Acoustic Imagery Atsah Monoblock Power Amplifiers

A new class D amplifier that delivers audio performance and sound quality well exceeding that of the best linear designs without trading in any of the classical benefits of switching amplification.

SixMoons Preview of the Atsah


Hypex NCore amplifier technology is at the heart of this beast. The Atsah monoblocks incorporate the NC1200 NCore modules, matching power supply and are housed in a stunningly beautiful billet aluminum chassis. the KASTAL 300® high precision cast aluminum used in Athe Atsah's cases gives an excellent anodized finish with high wear resistance which will retain its beautiful good looks for a lifetime.

There are two sets of binding posts fitted to the ATSAH NC mono amplifier for biwiring. They are the WBT® - 0703 nextgen™ chassis terminals.

Ultra low noise and distortion

What makes these amplifiers so unique is the ultra low noise floor. Sow low in fact that most test equipment cannot measure it. a 128dB signal to noise ratio is quieter than most source gear. Meaning music emerges from the blackest of black backgrounds, giving you every nuance, every bit of ambiance that is in the recording.

" I've written before that this new amplifier is a stunning breakthrough in audio reproduction and to date I haven't heard anything close."

Important Notes

Price is per pair of amplifiers. Individual amplifiers are available for sale
These amplifiers require a balanced connection, or a properly designed single ended to balanced interconnect. We highly recommend Kaplan Cables single ended to Balanced interconnect which has been designed specifically for NCore based amplifiers.

Reviews and comments

"These amplifiers are just as pleasing as the tube amplifiers we’ve reviewed here, but in an entirely different way. The sound is crystal clear with out being harsh and capable of carrying the bass with an obvious and firm grasp of the speakers’ low end. And the no imbalance between the high, mid, and low end was apparent. After more than a week of daily listening, sometime for several hours, I experienced no fatigue or other irritating nuisance – and actually left me going through my collection to find titles that could challenge these amplifiers.

The NCore monoblocks were compared to a Bryston 4B series and an Adcom GFA-5300, and while clearly capable of out powering each of them, exhibited a sound that was exceptionally different from the others. Stereo imaging was fantastic and the sound stage was pushed wide and clearly contained the individual instruments and sound in exacting locations between the speakers." - Hypex NC400 amplifier.

Charts & Graphs of the NC1200


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