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Shuguang S845MK SET 845 Tube Monoblocks (pair) [Expired]

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Item Description

This listing is for our warehouse moving sale - item for sale is brand new but has very minor cosmetic imperfection from factory casing finishes. Priced for quick sale for warehouse moving. Item comes with warranty on all electronic function, but not including warranty on cosmetics appearance. Price is for a pair of monoblock power amplifiers (including tubes). Final sale - no return or refund.


The Shuguang Classic S845MK amp set is the highest model of the Shuguang Classic series - it's a natural progress path if you have done the lengendary 300B Single Ended Triode integrated amp and still look for more power, but do not want to sacrifice the silky mids of the 300B.

845 vacuum tube is called the 'King' of tubes by many audiophiles - it's considered to produce the pinnacle of sweet, warm yet powerful tube amplification sound.

The S845MK monoblock circuit is a pure class “A” with high current driving the 845 tube & producing 25 watts per channel, capable of driving just about any speakers at reasonable listiening level. The power transformer, output transformer and “choke” is housed in a solid steel cover for low noise and low EMI. The use of a high choke in this amplifier design as opposed to a high wattage resistor, ensures that there isn't any residual AC ripple making its way through the circuit.

Shuguang Classic S845MK tube monoblocks use 300B as driver tube and 6SN7 for input stage. All tubes on the monoblocks can be upgraded by selecting the upgrade tube package for exceptional performance. (see Grant Fidelity website for product listing and upgrade options available)

S845MK monoblocks use special hand-wound 120V transformers custom made to Grant Fidelity specified measurement to give you the most stable circuit, which runs at 900V+ for the 845 tube amplification. Made-in-USA 500V rating high quality capacitors are specially sourced to avoid capacitor overheating in the long run. A soft-start circuit is also included in both monoblocks to extend your precious tube life. All these improvements are exclusively available on the Shuguang Classic amps distributed by Grant Fidelity in North America only. Many Chinese 845 amps cannot operate reliably in North America due to lack of such production quality control and customization. We ensure all products from Grant Fidelity is engineered and tested for highest possible reliability.

The much sought after 300B SET sound with lots of extra power is a good indication of how the 845 SET monoblocks sound.


S845MK Monoblocks:
Output power: 25w
Response: 10Hz to 30KHz
SNR: ≥85dB
THD: ≤1.0%
Input sensitivity: ≤1.0V
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Tubes: Standard Shuguang 845B×1, 300B-98 x 1, 6SN7GT ×1 per amp
Dimension: 9 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H x 16 1/4" D
Net weight: 25Kg / 55 lbs (for each monoblock) - 2 boxes total 110 lbs