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Sam Kim Modified Heathkit AA-151 Superb Tube Complement [Expired]

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Item Description

Incredible sounding integrated amplifier, restored and modified by Master Sam Kim to his Platinum Triode circuit. I've owned many SET and PP amps, using 845, 45, 2A3, 300B, EL34 and KT88 tubes over the years. This one ranks among the very best. The sound quality is lush and weighty, but with SET-like immediacy. Vocals sound hauntingly real. There is a lit from within quality to the sound, that one tends to get from single ended triode based amps. Bass quality is very impressive.

I used this amplifier to great effect with my Tonian TL-D1 speakers, finding an excellent symmetry between the two. At my asking price I will include an almost unobtanium tube complement, including a quad of Amperex 6BQ5/EL84 vintage 1956, a Mullard black base GZ34 rectifier, 2 Tesla ECC803S/12AX7, and 4 Bendix 6385 tubes. The EL84 tubes have been well used. I tested them last night on my calibrated Heathkit TT1 unit. They are very well above the good level, and closely matched, with no grid leakage or gas. I'll also include an unused quad of tightly matched early 1960s Tungsram 6BQ5 tubes purchased from Tubemonger, to be used as a backup.

For those who are interested, but unfamiliar with the work of Sam Kim, I would recommend doing a search for the Stereophile article written by Peter Breuninger regarding his restoration of an EICO HF81 integrated. I will not extensively quote the article, but Peter stated that he has never seen a restoration that comes close to the work done by Sam, whom he refers to as a "master audio artist," and whose work he places in the "company of the Audio Gods," including Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note, Nobu Shishido of Wavac, and Noriyasu Komuro of Komuro Audio Labs.

There are a few small scrapes on the front of the amp, hence the 7/10 rating, which I feel is quite conservative. It has 2 line level inputs, a MM phono stage, and a sub out connection. It will be shipped in it's own custom made shipping crate.

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