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Rare 6.5" National/Panasonic "DuoCone" Full Range w/ Alnico magnets VHQ made in Japan, Sound Excellent! [Expired]

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Item Description

Pair of 6.5" National/Panasonic "Ducone" full range w/alnico mags/installed in cabs/8ohm / Tested / Japan / circa early to mid 1960's. These drivers are Very High Quality w/Big Alnico magnets with accordion surrounds, Very High Quality paper cones. How do they sound...VERY GOOD! Open, Fast detailed mid-range, sweet high end, well balanced and Musical!

These sound Great w/Tube amps of HQ transistor units, fairly efficient/low 90db range. Every thing tests perfect, Voice coils Good, no issues, no scrapping, scratching etc, cones Good, No issues, No rips, tears or repairs. Cabinets are 14 3/4"H x 8 1/2"W x 5.5"D made of polystyrene type of material and were made for outdoor use, They are Nice w/ some very Minor age wear, typical of most old speaker cabinets, still Very Presentable , corners good Finish decent, No major scratches or dings. NOTE: WILL SHIP WORLD WIDE. Shipping weight: 16lbs Thank you