Emerald Physics DCX2496 Mods by Cullen Circuits [Expired]

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    This unit has all six channels modified rather than the standard four (level 1 mods) by Cullen Circuits that added $700 or so to their speaker packages that normally shipped with a standard, unmodified unit. This unit was custom modified for audiophile use. The modifications included op amps and capacitors plus 6db gain reduction for improved resolution and signal to noise ratio. It has been used for tri-amping, room equalization and time alignment of a high end system. I will include a copy of downloaded software that allows communication with the unit via 9-pin serial cable. The on-screen software is very well designed and versatile. There has been much written about the DCX2496. Modifications for audiophile use range in cost from $1000 to $2500. The original box and a serial cable is included.

    Questions for the seller

    Q: I have a few questions that I hope you can answer for me. I own a pair of Emerald Physics CS-2 speakers that came with the stock DCX2496. I love the speakers but not so much the DCX2496, mine is a bit noisy. Does this modded unit come with the EP presets for the CS-2 speakers? I'm also not familiar with software you mentioned, can you please provide a bit more detail about it? Is this for downloading from Emerald Physics or Behringer? I'm torn between a modded DCX2496 or the new DSP 2.4 crossover from Emerald Physics. I'm running 10wpc tube mono blocks for the highs and a 350wpc solid state for the lows. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks, Peter

    A: Hi Peter, My unit was an upgrade from a stock DCX2496. The noise problem was solved by reducing the output by 6db, making the background hiss much quieter. It also allows use of more bits of resolution. One of the reasons this made sense is that the professional systems set up for bands and concerts have higher signal levels that helps with the long cable runs, so the pro amplifiers are also typically set for the the higher levels. Also, to make the sound smoother and more detailed, I understand that some op amps and capacitors were added. The software is identical for either unit and is downloadable from Behringer. It requires a serial port on your pc. The newer pcs don't have them but there are usb to serial adapters for about $20. Once you get the serial port connected, the software allows you to upload and download the approximately 50 files stored in the DCX2496 memory such that you can make copies of all these files by name and place them in a folder on your pc. One of these would be your favorite setting that came with the stock unit. I have removed the dozen or so Emerald Physics setting from my unit but they would be easily deleted and then copied over with the stock settings that you placed in the folder you made by transferring files from your stock unit. If you were to purchase mine, You could easliy sell yours on ebay for around $200. Also, once you get familiar with the software, you can make yourself a new program and start making your own adjustments to more accurately fit your room and ear. It's very versatile tool. You are welcome to call me at 952-9444-6488. Thanks, Fred

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