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Magnepan Tympani IV-A The Ultimate Reference Collectible Full Range Planar [Expired]

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Item Description

Offered for sale is my beloved and cherished Full range planar Speaker System with True ribbons and a frequency response of 30HZ-40KHZ.

The system is in excellent condition both visually and sonically.

Black with Oak finish rails......elegant and contemporary looks!

Rated 8/10 for the age of the system.

Both the speakers have been completely overhauled and rebuilt by Magnepan back in 2000.

Since then they have been pampered and listened only at gentle to moderate levels...but they can rock with any kind of music!

No issues with the ribbon tweeters or planar magnetic midrange and bass panels what so ever.

I have the original boxes along with custom built full wooden crates for safe shipment worldwide!

Shipping in the continental US is included with the factory boxes and is free with the purchase.

However if you prefer to have it shipped by using the custom wooden crates, please contact me at 248-520-8628 so we can share the shipping charges.

Also included are the Magnepan XO-1 crossovers for bi-amping to extract even more performance out of these beasts.

A copy of the manual along with the a copy of the stereophile review is included.

Here is an opportunity to own the ultimate Magnepan, an extremely rare to find, genuine collectible in this excellent condition...a great system for the Planar Purist audiophile.

Selling only because of change of life style reasons...

Google the name for the many excellent reviews and blog discussions.

With their massive surface area, they surpass even the Magnepan 20.1s or the new 20.7s in many ways.

Even Wendel Diller (Magnepan's head) commented in the Absolute Sound magazine review that their reference for development of both the new 3.7 and 20.7 is the Tympani IVA.

If Magnepan chooses to re-introduce this model again in the future, it is said to cost close to $20000.

Paypal buyers please add the 3.5% surcharge.

Detailed pictures to follow......

Purchase with confidence from a long term Audiogoner with excellent feedback!

Tympani IV-A Specifications:

Total of 6 panel screens

woofer : 1254in²

midrange : 168in²

tweeter : ¼"×57"

30Hz-40kHz ±3dB EXT: Low-Pass 18dB/octave @ 250Hz
High-Pass 12/dB/ocatve @ 400Hz
INT: 3kHz
87dB/1W/m @500Hz
4 woofers, 2 midrange, tweeter panels
18"×72"×1½" Per panel dimensions, multiply by 6 for overall width of the two speakers combined- 108 inches wide
260 lbs