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    For sale is a factory fresh pair of Magnepan 2.6R serial # 125076-1/125076-2. This pair was purchased from a fellow Audiogon member who had sent them to the factory to be rebuilt. Cost of recondition $400.00. I purchased them and the factory sent them to me. These are literally brand new millar panel, wires, crossover, sock and new wood panels that I upgraded from the original 0ak to Cherry. If you have any questions about the validity of the rebuild contact Magnepan with the serial numbers above they will be more than happy to help. That being said make reasonable offers, Lowballs WILL be ignored. Shipping is payed by the purchaser but I prefer local pick-up, plus 3% PAYPAL fee. Anyone Familiar with the MAGNEPAN line knows these are sought after and hard to come by. Lastly I have 3.6R's so that is why these are up for sale. If you have any questions call 361-945-4283 please do your own research before calling with lots of questions looking to sell not educate.

    Questions for the seller

    Q: Hi If these speakers are available, I am interested. Since this model was discontinued in 1995 so these must be at least 15 years old and refurbished too, so my guess would be that $700 would be a good offer. If you accept I can have them picked up. Looking forward to your response. Thank you

    A: I think many people do not understand exactly what it is that Magnepan does when they refurbish a speaker so I will take time to explain. A Magnepan is basically a frame with a milar film stretched within that frame with a wire matrix of different gauges which in conjunction with the crossover act as a bass, mid bass and mid range transducer in one. When they a refurbished the speaker is striped down to barbones and rebuilt from the ground up with new milar, wires and magnets, then NEW socs and panels if desired by the customer, additionally the crossover has all the components replaced that are out of spec and lastly they are referenced against a factory spec set of 2.6R's. therefore 1995 is irrelevant since they are for all intents and purposes NEW. Now if they where original non-refurbished 1995 wintage you would be correct in your statement but that is not the case in this instance. As per the factory representative when I spoke to them about my pair "these speakers are good for 20 years after we are done" taking all tha into account and what I paid for them to get them in this condition $1100.00 is exceedingly reasonable. so you guessed wrong.

    Q: Dear sir, Over hauling a car's engine or rewinding a blender's electric motor doesn't make it ".. they are for all intents and purposes NEW." However I respect your opinion.

    A: Good Luck maybe you might look at 1.6 or 1.7's

    Q: Did the factory restore the panels true to to their original design? The true ribbon midrange tweeter is special I hope they didn't "upgrade it". Thanks, John

    A: Yes it is all ribbon not Quasi ribbon

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