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GT Audio Works Loudspeakers GTA 2 ribbon planar dynamic hybrid [Expired]

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Live in the NY, NJ , PA, area ? Take a ride up my way to zip code 07460 to demo my GTA 2 ribbon planar dynamic hybrid speakers.
For a limited time, receive a $500 gift certificate towards the purchase of a pair good thru 12/31/13.
Not you average dipole planar hybrid. Come hear the awesome dynamic range, seamless bass integration, smooth extended treble and magic midrange , all in a beautiful slim package.. No dealer network, no markup , just the best investment of your money into materials that matter… like high energy neodymium magnets. Guaranteed to beat any speaker, anywhere near its price. If you’re within reasonable driving distance, I will deliver and set up your speakers, and assist you in getting the best performance out of them in your listening room.
call Greg 973 879 0915