Apogee Scintilla legendary speaker updated [Expired]

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Along with its big brother; the Full Range, the Scintilla represents the best full range ribbon speaker ever made. Thr pair I am selling have been completely and lovingly rebuilt from the ground up by Bill Thalman of Music Technologies ( an Apogee Acoustics installer). These Scintillas have all new Graz ribbons and sport a stunning automotive quality paint job. The base plates are polished aluminum with black anodizes support struts. The real difference with these Scintillas is the upgrade to the capacitors. After countless hours of research I settled on the AmpOhm paper-in-oil Tin foil capacitors. See http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com/2010/09/capacitor-shoot-out.html for comparative test results on this amazing capacitor. The cap upgrade now puts the Scintilla into a realm few modern speakers can touch. They are liquid, detailed, and shockingly transparent. Vocals are as life like as you will ever hear. They have enormous bass resolution down to below 30 hz and definitely DO NOT need a subwoofer. These speakers sound similar to the legendary Quad 57 but with far more energy/dynamics and frequency extension at both ends. Krell KMA/KSA/KRS, Levinson ML 23.5/20.5, Clayton, Gryphon, Plinius amps all work well with Scintilla - or just use Speltz Zeroformer with your favorite tube amps.These speakers are just over 1 year old and are in immaculate condition. my price includes very sturdy shipping crates. I am offering these speakers at a significant discount to replacement cost.
my price is very firm.

Questions for the seller

Q: Can you please indicate if the external box is an autotransformer or an external crossover mod?

A: that is just the box to hold the Ampohm caps. They are quite large. the XO itself is same values as OEM, but far better caps. So the impedance is still 1 ohm. The impedance can be changed by adding a Zeroformer between amp and crossover.

Q: Using in conjunction w/speakers you did not mention edge amplifier! WHY? Is there a chance for an audition of these speakers?

A: i only included amps that I am personally familiar with. basically any amp that does not current limit down to 1 ohm will work. An audition is possible but really only if the buyer is very serious as the speakers are being stored in a different part of the house and would require a fair amount of moving things around.

Q: Did the rebuild make the speakers easier to power? I understand the bass panels will be a match for newer model rebuilds such as the duetta but will the tweeter ribbons still be the same number of conductors and low impedance? They look stunning.

A: Hi Unfortunately the rebuild does not change the speakers impedance or efficiency. the only way to change the efficiency would be to change to higher power magnets.The MRT ribbons are still pure aluminum (no kapton backing like the Duetta) and thus have very low impedance - this is the key to what makes Scintilla/Full Range so special - the pure aluminum ribbon - it has a much better response than the heavier kapton backed ribbons. But it also has very low impedance. you can raise the impedance with either a series power resistor or Paul Speltz Zeroformer. the Zeroformer works well and really doesn't color the sound and allows a much wider range of amps. but you still need at least 100 watts due to the low speaker efficiency. Funny: I have always been a 'tube guy' and never really liked SS electronics. But the sound of really good class A SS amps playing the Scintilla (and Full Range) has converted me to at least being a class A SS fan.

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