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Apogee Acoustics Slant 8 ribbon hybrid speakers [Expired]

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Apogee Slant 8 speakers, ribbon mid-high and 8” woofer hybrid, black, 2nd owner, an older gentleman giving up his hifi hobby because of hearing problem. Below is an excerpt of an online review:

“The Slant 8 is a black monolith with a 60" x 16" face having a 40" ribbon located vertically along the inner edge. One 8" Danish VIFA woofer is positioned 39" from the floor but hidden behind a grille cloth that covers the entire front face (and the grille cloth is not easily removed without a special service tool). The woofer's slot-loaded box is built in a tapered configuration that looks like a black concrete support for the front panel. The Slant 8 feels like it is made of solid granite, both in weight and in lack of resonance when you rap the box with your knuckles. This is the most rigid speaker structure I have ever encountered.”

The speakers are of circa 1995 vintage, well kept and limited usage. Had manual but no factory boxes, cannot ship, local pick up only (Metro L.A. area).

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Local customers (L.A. Metro) are welcome to pick up.

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