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Pioneer SX - 5560(SX - 750) - Excellent Condition! [Expired]

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For sale is an EXTREMELY rare Pioneer SX - 5560 with black faceplate, Ser. # WE2600446S. I believe this model was only available in limited quantities outside the US, which I don't get since it is multi-voltage and can be easily adjusted. For those of you that know about vintage Pioneer stuff, this model is a rebadged SX - 750. This piece is in amazing condition, the only flaws that I see being two US quarter-sized bubbling in the veneer on the top(I can send pic if interested). Other than that, it is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. My tech did a complete service on 1/30/12, in which he replaced 3 capacitors, 1 lamp, checked alignment, and bench tested amp section. Though originally, and conservatively, rated at 50 watts per channel, he measured power output at 70 watts. The receipt for this work will be included. He said he had never seen one like this in his 35 years of repairing stereo equipment. Sounds great, listening to it as I write this. Please contact me with any questions you might have. Thanks