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The Blue Circle Li’l 703 Phono stage with Super IAB Power Supply and Cabinet Made in Canada [Expired]

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The Blue Circle Li’l 703 Phono stage with Super IAB Power Supply and Cabinet

These phono stages are standard for use with moving coil cartridges an moving magnet inputs available please add $200.00

The IAB power supply provides additional FRI/EMI shielding and handsome looks. The separate power case and the increased power supply performance providing incredible dynamics, soundstage and a near perfect presentation. This is very high end and will satisfy the most critical of Audiophiles. The improved pace and tonality enhances the use of very high end cartridges and the super smooth and silky mid range has exceptional and powerful dynamics. This power supply brings the system to a level found in many $10,000.00 phono stages. The stage is very revealing and inner detail is nicely separated and refined.Very solid but slightly softer low frequency response with a very pleasing and detailed presentation, superb sound staging, and good dynamics unheard of at the price level.
This package offers extreme value at an affordable price.

We call it Li'l because it is a little BC703. With some modifications to the board it fits into an 8" x 8” x 3" chassis with enough room left over for more power supply capacitance and a DC power jack on the back to connect to one of our “in a pipe power supplies” or future power supply upgrades.
This is another customer driven product. A customer wanted a high end phonostage but the BC703 was just a little too much for him. So we made him a Li’l 703 by cutting back on the cosmetics and power supply but allowing for future power supply upgrades.

The Li'l 703 doesn't come with a dedicated power supply (yet.) It is designed to match with any Thingee Pipe power supply. A power supply, in a box that matches the Li’l703, is planned for the near future.
The Li'l703 is a MC only phonostage. MM is optional. It has all the same loading, gain, and filter features as the original BC703.

MC gain setting (internal, user adjustable) 87db, 81db, 75db, 67db, 61db.
MM gain setting (fixed) 42db (optional).
Resistive MC input loading (ohms) user adjustable 100, 220, 470, 1k.
Custom resistive loading: factory adjusted.
Capacitive MC input loading: custom (factory adjusted.)
Seperate MC and MM inputs: single ended RCA type.
Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.1db, rumble filter off.
Residual noise: MC input at 67db gain setting: <500uV.
Rumble filter cutoff frequency: 18Hz.
Dimensions: 8” wide x 8.25” deep (not including jacks on the rear panel) x 3” high.