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Oskar Heil Syrinx Omni Speakers [Expired]

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The Syrinx

The Heil A.M.T.® Syrinx is based on the experiences made with the Heil A.M.T.® Kithara and Aulos, which are successfully on the market for over 10 Years. The extensive studies of wood combinations and other acoustical factors have delayed the launching of this speaker for more than one Year. Its modern exterior design comes from TELOS of Berlin, whereas the acoustical refinements to match the sound impressions of the other two models have been made by Precide SA, with the great help of Mieko Dürrenmatt, (my wife) As the other speakers, the Syrinx uses the Heil A.M.T. Made by Precide, which covers the important frequency range from 1000 Hz on up to 23 KHz. The bass driver is a paper cone unit with an inverted dust cap and is working as a bass reflex. The alignment between the bass and the Heil is very phase coherent, as a matter of fact; one could say that it is a point source speaker. The Bass unit faces app. 45° upwards and the Heil driver is located in such a way, that the two units match perfectly. The X over is completely electrically separated, so that bi-wire or bi-amplification does not present any problem at all. The unit comes with pin points and specially made plates, so that the floor will not be damaged. The available wood veneers are: Cherry, Maple and back ash.

Speaker Elemets: 1 A.M.T. mid range tweeter 1000 - 23000 Hz
1 15 cm bass unit 40 - 1000 Hz
Frequency response: 40 - 23000 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB 1 W 1 meter
Impedance: 4 ohm minimum
Cabinet finish: black maple and cherry
Dimension including grill: W x D x H 270 front 105 back x 270 x 910 mm Weight: 14 Kg.