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Nanotech Nespa Pro optical disc finalizer [Expired]

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Item Description

Optical disc treatment for CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs.

Review at 6 moons found the treatment to produce, "more body and less grain, more space and less two-dimensional compression; as though the noise floor dropped." I agree with this assessment. To me, the Nespa treatment also helped ameliorate the digital glare that seems to affect high-frequencies in the CD medium (perhaps this is "grain"?) Anyway, I found the treatment beneficial.

See review at:

I am the original owner. The unit is rated 9/10 -- there truly are zero scratches.

The Nespa Pro bulb is rated for 1000 30-second flashes. I used the unit for exactly 444 30-second flashes (counted all the CD's and CD-R's I treated.) So, the unit should have over 600 30-second flashes remaining.

I have the original box and manual.

Not interested in trades.