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Naim SuperLine Moving Coil Reference Phono Stage [Expired]

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I'm offering my Naim SuperLine phono stage for sale. It was purchased new in November 2008 and is still in flawless condition (completely unmarked and unscratched and rated 8/10 only for the sake of conservativeness) and in full working order. The SuperLine is Naim's reference phono stage,replacing their Prefix stage in 2008 and offering an elite level of vinyl replay comparable with that available from a handful of legendary stages such as the Art Audio Vinyl One. Fans of the Naim sound will find this unit a fantastic upgrade to their vinyl playing systems.

Although I have not been able to use the unit as much as I would have liked, due to work and other commitments, it has given me a great deal of pleasure and I'm sure will form a cherished part of another music lover's audio system.

The SuperLine must be powered externally from either a Naim integrated amplifier or preamplifier or (ideally) by one of their stand alone power supplies (HiCap or SuperCap). I used it in one of the former configurations and found that it offered an exemplary level of performance (at least equal to the Art Audio Vinyl One, based on an A-B comparison I once carried out at home). Buyers can choose to use this unit initially in partnership with a Naim preamp or integrated amp (using the included SNAIC interconnect cable) and upgrade later to a standalone power supply once finances allow.

To facilitate configuration for various cartridge/tonearm combinations, the Superline offers a variety of resistance and capacitance loading options in the form of loading plugs, In addition to the seven plugs supplied by Naim as standard, this unit will come with a 453 ohm plug (manufactured by Naim USA) felt by many on the Naim forum to be the ideal partner for Dynavector cartridges.

Users can choose to use either BNC connectors (preferred by Naim) or the more standard RCA connectors.

A full technical description of the SuperLine may be found at:

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The SuperLine will be provided with original Naim packaging and a user manual. As mentioned above, the Naim manufactured SNAIC interconnect will be provided. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal buyers - please add 3%.