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Monster MPA 3250 SS MPA 3250 New Father Sale [Expired]

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Audiogon is making this real hard, please if you're interested keep trying. I have no way of knowing if my responses are reaching you guys or not. [ selling page for me is down] I'm not as brave as others to list my # or direct e mail here. If you've ever sold here before you know why. So again please keep trying. Lets do this too.
Yes I'll ship to east coast for total sale price of $675.00 shipping included.

Person who wanted both only could decide on 1. He took the 2 channel. So now I still have the 3 channel available.
Again amp functions as new, all features work as new. Only issue is rack mounting fins [on rear] are slightly bent on very bottom. I bought it this way. I'll ship fed ex fully insured. I'm right outside DC so from here to middle of USA shipping will be $125.00, any points past or west coast shipping will be $150.00. This thing weighs 96 pounds before packing.