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Mogami 2497 Neutrik RCA [Expired]

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Mogami 2497 stereo RCA cables, with Neutrik connectors.

60cm = $59
85cm = $85
Both together = $129

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The best Mogami RCA, the first picture shows it next to a typical RCA cable that comes with CD players etc.
Picture #2 are the actual cables I'm selling.
The Neutric connectors have a retractable ground connection that will keep the connection grounded when you pull the cables out.

Usual small surface marks of friction against walls, I'm selling them because I do not use a CD player or tuner anymore, I still use the same cable on my last RCA analogue source, the turntable.
I also use Mogami 2534 XLR and 3082 coaxial speaker cable.
A very serious professional studio cable, very thick, not very flexible.