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Merrill Scillia Research MS2 Belt Drive Turntable many upgrades TTWULTIMAT/MSR Outer Ring -Tone/A OPT. [Expired]

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Merrill Scillia Research MS2 Belt Drive Turntable Tone Arm is sold and not included****
Cherry wood
This fine table was traded against a GEM HD Table. The tone arm in the picture has been sold, other tone arms are available and we will provide the arm and mounting if desired.
Manufacturers of RIM and DUO drive Turntables
MS2 with standard power supply and 33/45 50 or 60HZ pulley and domestic hard wood plinth

Turntable List Price: $ 5,995.00
MS Periphery Record Clamping Ring List Price: $ 450.00
Beautiful Custom Acrylic Dust Cover Price: $ 350.00
Custom TTW ULTIMAT/Platter Upgrade $ 449.00
The table requires set up and the very well written manuals and tools are included.

Package: $7244.00

Asking Price: $2897.00

Turntable Review Information

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The MS2 or Heirloom Classic as it is referred to, is a resurrection and improvement in design of the classic Merrill Heirloom late model transcription table.

Today, the plinths are constructed using modern cabinetry techniques. All joints are bonded with special 3M®2 part epoxy vs. wood glue. The use of the 3M® epoxy in our application makes for a far superior joint which resists separation over time as the wood swells and contracts. All internal bracing is Medium Density Fiberboard. All pieces prior to assembly are made to exact tolerances in a production environment with the use of jigs and fixtures for cutting and assembly.

The Top Plate which is encapsulated within the wood is CNC machined from Corian® and finished to a beautiful semi gloss satin finish using our 3M® finishing system which we use to finish our Co Polymer (MS21) table with.

As with its big brother, the MS2 utilizes most of the same mechanical parts such as the Ter Polymer sub chassis assembly, Aluminum Resin drive platter and Co Polymer record support platter system, motor pod, spring suspension, center clamp, clamping ring, etc.

Motor power is controlled by a single speed transformer regulated external power supply that drives our low voltage motor at 300 rpm at 60 Hz. To change speeds, one must lift off the record support platter and change the drive belt position from the 33 to the 45 RPM crown of the pulley.

For countries with different power requirements, the power supply can be configured for any world voltage at the factory and the unit as well will be supplied with a 50 Hz pulley for those areas whose power grids operate on 50 cycles.

With the use of wood and Corian® as a plinth material vs. the Co Polymer resin of the MS21 and a basic outboard power supply vs. the switch able 2 speed digital unit of the MS 21, we are able to offer this table to you at a substantial savings while still maintaining most of the outstanding MS sound characteristics with a classic look

Thank you and Cheers,

Larry Denham

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