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Merrill Replica ES Turntable ES-R1 [Expired]

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So your turntable budget dictates you have to compromise to a large degree on sound quality. NOT ANY MORE! The Merrill replica ES-R1 turntable (designed by George Merrill and made in the USA) is based on the Merrill AR modification with attributes from the Merrill Herloom added. Low cost low preformance turntables are usually comprised of a sonically poor slab of partical board or acrylic. The Merrill ES-R1 is of a true suspended subchassis design. The ES-R1 will outrerform turntables costing many many thousands of dollars more. The base price is $995.00 This Ad is to introduct the Merrill ES-R1. The turntable will ship mid July. Orders will be accepted after mid July on Audiogon George Merrill's Analog Emporium
FEATURES: 33/45 rpm- Decoupled inner and outter poly platter- Oversize record support platter that will acommodate a clamping ring- Spring suspended poly subchassis with removal arm board- Poly drive pully- Laminated plinth- Oil well bearing- Rudder cork mat- Hand crafted wooden base- Custom manufactured motor- Many Options