Music Vault Whisper & Whisper Diamond First ever Whisper Sale [Expired]

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    The Ultimate Music Server delivers bit-perfect performance without any mechanical noise.

    The Whisper is intended to be used in the finest audio playback systems where reducing accumulated jitter to its lowest possible value results in positive audible improvements in sound quality.

    The Whispers performance is very fast - no waiting for conventional hard drives to load data.

    All Sound Science Music Vaults output the native resolution of music as it is stored.

    The Music Vault paired with the right DAC will outperform any CD player or Transport.

    For the best possible dynamics, imaging, and tonal quality, chose the Music Vault Whisper.

    The Whisper comes in 2 versions and either version is available in Black or Silver.

    The Whisper comes with a dedicated USB output specifically for use with a USB DAC.
    The Whisper Diamond includes the Dedicated USB DAC output and AES/EBU balanced Digital output.
    All Whispers include a Blue Ray Drive for the best and fastest CD Rips plus you can watch your Blue Rays over the HDMI output on the Whisper.

    The Whispser and Whisper Diamond come in 3 storage capacities:
    1 TB of Solid State Storage approximately 1500 uncompressed CDs
    2 TB of Solid State Storage approximately 3000 uncompressed CDs
    3 TB of Solid State Storage approximately 4500 uncompressed CDs

    The Whispers all include:
    120 GB SSD for Operating System and all control software.
    JRiver for Music Playback
    DB Power Amp for the best sounding Rips.
    Logmein for Remote support and Remote access from any computer connected to the internet.
    8 GB of RAM
    Blue Ray Drive
    1 Firewire port
    2 USB 3.0 Ports
    6 General Purpose USB 2.0 Ports
    4 Dedicated USB 2.0 Ports for your USB DAC(s)
    1 eSata port
    1 HDMI out
    1 DVI out
    1 VGA out
    Music Vaults can play back DSD audio files
    Music Vaults Rip to WAV and will playback any Music File Format.
    Gigabit Ethernet
    Wireless N wifi
    2 year warranty parts and labor
    Lifetime phone support (20 years???)
    Add additional storage with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 hard drives, no limit.

    Storage............Whisper................Whisper Diamond

    1 TB......................$4995...........................$5695
    2 TB......................$5695...........................$6395
    3 TB .....................$6395...........................$7095

    Prices include shipping in the USA shipping on international orders varies

    Call or write with your questions, 230 308 4000

    This from one of my newest customers:
    If anything, you understated all the virtues of the Music Vault!, Thank you for providing one of the best audio improvements in my long journey to audio perfection. I am there!, But I may not get to sleep for hours, if not days, as I sit here and relisten to my music. I fear my vinyl albums may not be played for a long time.

    Jack Simmonds

    Contact Neal Van Berg at 720 308 4000 or with questions and to order your Whisper.

    Questions for the seller

    Q: which DAC's do you recommend with the music vault whisper? thanks.

    A: HI Howard, I get great results with the Zodiac Gold bundle and of course any of the DCS DACs, Berkley Dacs, MSB DACs. Meitner DACs,,EMM LABs, PS Audio Perfect Wave. All the ones listed above work great with the Diamond as the Diamond has AES/EBU balanced Digital out. I personally use ans sell the Zodiac Gold Bundle, it is $4500 with the external power supply. The Clocking in the Zodiac Gold is unique compared to the other DACs listed and I think gives it the edge over the other DACs in the $5000 and below range. DCS and MSB cost many times that amount and are slightly better. Neal

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