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Music Vault New Emerald Music Server Emerald has both analog and digital SPDIF output [Expired]

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Item Description

The Emerald is a world-class Music Server. It has been redesigned using the very best software and technology available.
Unlike the Music Vault II and the Music Vault Diamond the Emerald has Analog outputs and perhaps more importantly Analog inputs. This makes the Emerald the ideal way to record your albums and or SACDs to PCM digital.
The recording Quality of the Emerald is spectacular, all the richness of your LPs or SACDs will be captured and as close to indistinguishable from the record as you can imagine. I am including a copy of Vinyl Studio Software with the Emerald. Vinyl Studio will find the song titles, length of each song and the Album Artwork and break the songs up in to individual files with very little effort on your part. Vinyl studio can remove most of the clicks and record noise with out compromise. You will be able to listen to your Vinyl collection as if all your albums were brand new and noiseless. I recommend recording at 24 bits and 96K for identical copies. You can however choose any sample rate from 44.1K to 192K for recording and 24 or 32 bits.
The User Interface for playback is JRiver, and ripping is done with DB Poweramp.
No other server in this price range can match the stunning sound of the Emerald plus its stunning ability to be a digital recorder of your analog world.
Remote control your Emerald from any Android or Apple iPad/iPhone device. In addition, you can access the Music Vault Emerald from any computer on your home network or on the web.
The Music Vault Emerald will play back High Resolution downloads up to 24-bits/192 KSPS without loss into your Preamplifier -Integrated Amplifer or Receiver.
It has whisper quiet operation due to its fan-less Power supply and motherboard design.
The Emerald uses a Solid State drive for the operating system and software control.
The 3-TB drive auto-duplicates itself onto another 3-TB drive. This includes all ripped music, music downloaded from the internet, or music copied from your friend's hard drive. Music stored on-board in this manner outperforms external storage for optimum convenience and sound quality.
The Music Vault Emerald will store and back up over 4500 CDs.
Additional storage is easy to add with external USB hard drives. These additional drives can be configured as extra storage or back-up.
The Music Vault Emerald will store your CDs in WAV Format, FLAC Files or AIFF.

Free shipping in the USA to the first 10 people who respond.
I design and build the Music Vaults.
Call 720 308 4000
All Music Vaults come with a 2 year warranty on Parts and Labor.
All Music Vaults come with Logmein for remote support.
Want to see a Music Vault in action, give me a call and I'll send you a logmein invitation to logon to my Music Vault and you can see how easy it is to use.
Free shipping in the USA.