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McIntosh MX132 THX Preamplifier w/ LED kit Good Condition [Expired]

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Item Description

I'm selling a THX certified McIntosh MX132 in very good condition. A new LED light kit upgrade from AudioClassics was just installed so there will be no problems with light bulbs going out for years to come (upgrade LED kit was $175). It comes with the TM1 tuner. It is rated modestly as 7 out of 10 due to age and has some small wear indicators. Additionally there is a scratch (from prior owner) on top of the unit that I have presented in one of the pictures. Overall it does not look like the amp was abused in any way. Glass is perfect with no bubbles. With the LED kit installed the front panel lights looks great with the unit powered on as you can tell in several of the photos. They shine brighter than the incandescent lights.

This amp is very quiet and presents in a very attractive manner. The unit works perfectly on all functions and it does all the usual Dolby Digital and DTS decoding via coaxial and optical digital inputs. Also has 5.1 analog inputs for SACD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray so you can get Dolby Tru-HD and DTS Master Audio pass through. It is a THX certified unit.

I used this MX132 coupled with a reconditioned (by MAC authorized service tech) MC2125 amplifier for two channel stereo driving a set of Sonus faber Concerto Grand Piano speakers. I have been very happy with the great sound. I had an opportunity for a “too good to pass up” deal on an MA6500 integrated amplifier; otherwise I would be keeping this combo. To me the units are VERY quiet and the music is spectacular. Both units are extraordinarily quiet and all that is heard is the signal from the source. There is no hum or background noise even when the pots are turned up to maximum levels.

Comes with original manual, HR038 remote, and a MA6300 McIntosh double box shipping container so you can feel confident it will arrive in safe condition. You can feel confident you will have many years of service out of the wonderful preamplifier whether you use it for multi-channel or stereo applications.

This item is listed on several venues and locally in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Local pick up is welcomed and please note this item may end abruptly. If I can answer any questions please contact me.

(The photos in this auction have been taken with a cell phone, thus they may not be of the highest quality, but still give you an idea about the great condition of this MX132).

If you have any question please email and I will respond but please understand I am not an audio tech. I am just a man on a budget that likes hearing a great sound system. Additional pictures available on request. If you feel the unit has been misrepresented by my description I will refund your bid minus shipping within 10 days upon return to me.

Please consider that this will cost about $55-60 for shipping through USPS in CONUS and I will absorb whatever PayPal fees are incurred.

This preamplifier is money in the bank as long as it is not abused.

Thanks for looking