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McIntosh MC 275 Mark V Legendary tube amplifier!!! [Expired]

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Offered for sale is the latest version of one of the most legendary amplifiers in audio, the Mcintosh MC 275 mark V Stereo vacuum tube power amplifier.

Introduced in 1961 the MK V edition is a foremost leap ahead in retaining the hallmark McIntosh tube sound (absolutely accurate-transparent-the sound of the music itself) while bringing it further forward into the contemporary realm of home audio.

With the Mk V McIntosh introduced the following upgrades and improved design..............
1.Gold plated five way binding posts that replace the old school "difficult to deal with" speaker cable terminals.
2.A balanced (XLR) connection option to guard against induced noise in addition to the RCA inputs.
3.Ceramic output tube sockets with heat chimneys that let air flow more freely from under the chassis,thus protecting the life of the tubes.
4.Easily accessible on/off switch on the rear of the chassis.

The McIntosh tradition continues.....The transformers are wound on the same equipment as the originals in 1961,only using copper insulated with a sophisticated synthetic material.The power output section utilizes their famous patented unity coupled circuit designed in harmony with the bifilar wound output transformers for low distortion.This translates into extended frequency response and cool operating tubes.

The exterior is highly polished stainless steel...........67 lbs of craftsmanship in a compact frame-16 1/2" W
8 1/4 " H 12" D The MKV is AUTO BIAS You need to make no adjustments! Just insert the tubes,turn it on and start enjoying the sound that Fred Kaplan described in the October 2010 Stereophile as "Stunning from front to back".
This amp is rated at 150 Watts---75 Watts per channel into 4,8, or 16 Ohms.Chuck Hinton of McIntosh claims it puts out more like 90 Watts! American made and built in Binghampton,New York,McIntosh consistently retains a high resale value through it's impeccable build quality,durability and integrity.

I am the second owner of this amp and it is in wonderful condition with no technical issues whatsoever.

Now lets get to the good part that makes this great amp a truly magnificent instrument- the tubes........
Included is the original McIntosh branded tubes, as follows, 3 pcs 12AX7A , 4 pcs 12AT7 and 4 KT88, Genalex Gold Lion tubes. These tubes have very low hours and look new!

This was a significant improvement in the sound over the stock tubes.The McIntosh/ Genalex combination is a warm,bright and gorgeous match.........

This amp will ship in the original double box with the manual and power cord.The set of tubes are seated in the foam sealed tube cage during shipping as specified in the shipping instructions.

The latest edition of a classic,call it timeless,Stereo vacuum tube amplifier,the right tubes and the glorious sound that awaits befits the legend it is.

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