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This is a pair of the original Linn SARA Isobarik loudspeakers in teak. The SARA is the only 2-Way Isobarik speaker Linn ever manufactured. Isobarik loading is a unique bass loading invented and patented by Linn in the early 1970s. It uses two bass drivers, one behind the other, working together to allow much deeped and more controlled bass than can normally be gotten in a small cabinet. The SARAs use two highly modified KEF 8” drivers for bass and midrange and a 1” soft dome tweeter for highs. These are highly sought after and are one of the best stand mount speakers produced – at least with out getting into big money.

This particular pair of SARAs function wonderfully. I have upgraded the original soft dome tweeters to the latest Linn Espek tweeters that are more extended and detailed yet also smoother than the originals – a highly recommended upgrade. They put out a surprising amount of bass for the compact cabinet size – especially when they are positioned close to the wall as recommended by Linn. SARAs are a very musical and detailed speaker that can justify the best of sources. These are one of those classic components that have a certain musical magic that you don’t find in most of the hi-fi out there.

These SARAs are overall in very good condition. I am rating them 7/10 to be on the conservative side but I believe they are more like 8/10. There are the typical spike marks and rubs on the bottoms and a few very minor blemishes and scrapes. One of the SARAs has two areas of slight discoloration on the top as you can see in the photos. They are just a slight darkening that could be wood color variation but I think they are slight water marks. The grills are the original grills, which is rare on speakers of this age as the foam can disintegrate. These grills are still in good shape as the speakers spent a decade in a dark basement home theater away from sunlight and are just starting to break down. You want to be careful vacuuming or brushing them as particles will start coming off. There is a company in the UK selling replacements that advertises on eBay. Again most of the flaws are small and not readily noticeable but I wanted to fully and accurately disclose the condition. I have included photos of the sides and tops of both speakers but because of the 6 photo limit only of one front, back and drivers - the other unit looks the same in these three views (except for serial number, of course).

The winner of these speakers will also receive a reprint copy of the instruction manual. I will double-box them for extra protection and to keep the carton in its current condition. Although I’d prefer local pickup I can safely ship them anywhere in the US or Canada (Canadian buyers are responsible for all duties and broker’s fees.) The buyer will pay the actual cost of shipping and insurance, and $20.00 for the cost of packaging – the figures for shipping are for a single speaker so multiply for two for a good estimate. I also have a pair of the SARA stands that the buyer bidder can purchase for $200 if they wish. I accept Cashiers Checks, Money Orders and PayPal. Please feel free to email with any questions.