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Krell KRC3 [Expired]

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The KRC-3 is a visually striking piece of equipment. It's circuitry is purported to be Class A, fully balanced. The Krell presented detail and resolution especially when using the balanced XLR connection to the power amp. Its midrange range presentation is dynamic, airy, lively, and real.

Tonal balance is also correct. Extension at both frequency extremes are good while delivering smooth highs and taut bottom. Harmonic integrity and timbre are also nice. It is just so musical. The accurate volume control with remote and a balance function enhanced the functionality.

Current Mode Amplificatiion’ utilizes gain stages that operate exclusively in the current domain. This inherently linear and ultra-fast circuit topology effortlessly captures the most extreme transients while preserving all the nuances and subtleties of the musical performance. The KRC3 also uses their High Resolution, 16-bit system to resolve line level attenuation by selecting from over 300 discrete resistor network combinations to provide a perfectly proportioned and highly precise attenuation curve. This translates into resolving power that delivers an even quieter, or blacker background to all forms of music, allowing more of the natural textures of the music to be brought out.

It is in VERY GOOD condition and operates perfectly. Included will be the original box, remote control (which also controls the matching Krell CD player kas/ksa), owners manual and AC cord.
The KRC3 is equipped with four single-ended inputs and one balanced input. Two of the single-ended inputs are user configurable. One of them can be set for use as a surround processor ‘throughput’. The KRC3 has both balanced and single-ended outputs.

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