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SME VDH D 501 Tonearm Cable 90 degree DIN with RCA [Expired]

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Item Description

This tonearm cable comes with all SME tonearms and is made by Van De Hul cable company. It is a fully shielded hybrid copper cable with silver coated strands. The model number is MC D 501 Hybrid. The tonearm end consists of a heavy duty 90 degree SME DIN termination and the preamp end has high quality RCA plugs. The ground wire is integrated into the cable design. I have tried many tonearm cables and this is one of the best, only bested by a very expensive Tara Labs cable which I am running now. The total length is a bit over 3 1/2 feet end to end. The cable is very flexible and easy to use. Please check my excellent Audiogon feedback over a 10 year period and purchase with confidence. Paypal please add 4%.