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QED Silver Spiral Dual Coaxial Interconnects 0.5m (RCA & XLR) [Expired]

no longer for sale

Item Description

On offer is:

- One 50cm pair of RCA - RCA with the well regarded Eichmann Bullet plugs
- One 50cm pair of XLR - XLR (not sure what plugs, but they are gold plated)

These were custom made by a reputable Hi Fi dealer with quality parts. To give you an idea of their calibre, the dealer recommended them as worthy interconnects for my $10,000 pre and power amps and $3,000 DAC. I used the RCAs for DAC - Pre Amp and the XLRs for Pre amp - Power Amp.

The cable off the reel presently costs about $50/m and the connectors are in the order of $75 per set of 4 (perhaps more for XLRs), so the materials alone cost $250, not counting the labour to make them into interconnects. My Asking Price is $200 for the set but I will consider selling each pair separately for about $100.

They are in perfect working order and I can clean the directional stickers off the bullet plugs if needed.

I am flexible with choice of shipping companies. Shipping is cost is about $10-$20 uninsured worldwide.

Here's some info about the QED Silver Spiral 'Dual' coaxial cable which has been highly regarded in its place and manufacture the UK. Please note these are not the higher spec 'quad' spiral.

QED’s flagship interconnect is an outstanding interconnect. Its unique dual co-axial spiral construction utilises Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper conductors giving this interconnect stunning clarity and resolving power. Each stranded conductor is individually insulated with low-loss foamed Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) dielectric, a material chosen to minimise signal loss and grain. Each conductor is then wrapped with mylar screening foil to reduce electromagnetic inteference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) distortion. The braid, made of SPOFC too, is the next layer and this is kept in place by another layer of LDPE. The conductors are then twisted into a spiral.

Conductor Section (mm2) : 2 x 0.21
Conductor Material : Silver Plated 99.999% OFC
Screening Material : Aluminium Mylar + Double Silver Plated 99.999% OFC Braid
Conductor Dielectric : Foamed Low Density Polyethylene
Loop Resistance (Ohm/m) : 0.033
Parallel Capacitance (pF/m) : 272.9
Loop Inductance (ตH/m) : 0.16
Dissapition Factor 10Khz) : 0.0012
Overall Size (mm) : 8.1 Dia
Finish : Translucent Silver