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ATLAS MAVROS Cables Interconnect MAVROS 1 m ATLAS (UK) [Expired]

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1 pair of Analogue Interconnects RCA Mavros Symmetrical



Canada's UHF Magazine, May 2008
After rigorous 'blind testing' UHF adopt the Mavros interconnect and speaker cable as their 'reference cables.' They said:
We needed only the shortest of discussions before we decided to leave the Mavros cables right where they were, to become a part of the Alpha system.

Hi Fi news were impressed with the Mavros interconnect and speaker cable. They said:
Naturally, Atlas recommends the use of its Mavros interconnects with its Mavros speaker cable. With both in place the system took on a whole new dimension, offering greater space, depth, dynamics and fluidity. These new Mavros cables from Atlas have the uncanny ability to sound fast yet relaxed, detailed yet refined, fluid yet composed. If they were a wine they would be a Brunello di Montalcino. Enjoy!