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Grover Huffman cables Interconnects, speaker,power.... incredibly truthful,musical and cost effective! [Expired]

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The Grover Huffman line of cables represent an incredible value in high end audio. Musical, truthful, well made, yet incredible value. Full line available at Clearsound Audio. Come hear it here! Many excellent reviews out there. Email: Call- 631-848-7455

Authorized lines: Clearwave speakers, Acoustic Zen, dehavilland, Ayon, Bob Carver tube amps, Wireworld, Sonist, XTZ, Audiolab, Wyred4sound, Marten, Burson, Audio Space and more...

Grover Huffman Cables sold at these prices below:
Interconnects: $200 for 1 meter; $240 for 2 meters (XLR connectors extra)
Power cord: $300 for 3 feet; $350 for 4 feet; $400 for 9 feet
Speaker cables: $40 per foot pair, single-wire; $75 for bi-wire