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Gregitek StabTower - handmade in Italy - 10% off until end of March [Expired]

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Item Description

Gregitek's StabTower component racks are not only breathtakingly beautiful they also will make a huge improvement in the sound of your stereo. We have a 10% off sale until 03/31/12 on any order.

The Gregitek stands are of exeptional quality and hand crafted in Italy. The platforms are made from instrument grade heartwood staves and carefully chosen for tonality. A similar method is used by the best Italian piano manufacturers. Finished with six coats of transparent varnish covers the "rosso" or "nero" stained platforms.

The StabTower is not only a spectacular piece of audio furniture that looks beautiful, but is also a highly effective anti-vibration system that will improve the sound of any system, even when compard to other vibration control devices.

With over 40 years experience with industrial vibration control, designer Gregorio Giust has applied his engineering skills to unique resonance control designs fantastically finished and handmade in the finest Italian art.

There's more to the system than meets the eye - the underside of the top platform (generally used for the source component) reveals a suspended chromium plated steel disc, which is a special design only available from Gregitek. Its purpose is to dissipate vibration, and the result is astonishing. The disc serves as "dynamic damper" by reacting in the opposite phase to the vibrations entering the platform and canceling these vibrations out.

The top platform is extra isolated from the rest of the structure by GregiTek's "Planetary Balls" which is a brass encased bearing system that also counteracts horizontal vibrations.

Customer feedback:
"'s hard for me to believe that the amazing sound that I'm getting now is the result of simply replacing my $800 Symposium pad and bearings with the Gregitek Stab1 platform and feet, but that's the only system change that I have made... there is a very significant improvement in clarity and realness as well as elegance in design"

" new Gregitek rack is amazing. I hear my CDs as if I'm really hearing them for the first time. The sound is so realistic that if someone blindfolded me, I'd swear that I had new amplifiers."

" sounds so good that I wonder how I could even listen before !!!"

Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 25 cm (23.6 x20 x 1 inch) each platform
Height: 64 cm (25 inch) 3 level, 89 cm (35 inch) 4 level
Vertical spacing: 225mm (8.75 inch) between each shelf
Weight supported: 100 kg (220 lbs) per platform
Color: red or black only

The MSRP for the component racks are:
3-level: $3290
4-level: $3990
5-level (3+2 or 3+1+1): $5180
6-level (3+2+1, 2+2+2 or 4+1+1): $6380
StabTower-2 (5 level/3-tier): $4790
Amp Stand: $1190

Check also out Gregiteks other products on our webpage or the manufacturers webpage in Italy.

Gregitek products are sold consumer direct in Europe at very special prices which eliminate "middle man" margins. By special, exclusive arrangement, only highend-electronics, Inc. and The Cable Company is also offering the Gregitek products to US and Canadian customers at this CONSUMER DIRECT pricing. For this reason we consider these products to be of unusually high value, worthy of special attention, and our highest recommendation. Not inexpensive, but with state-of-the-art finishing and performance well above their price category.

California residents kindly add 7.75% Cal sales tax.