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Tannoy GRF Corner Horn CAD/CNC plans [Expired]

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Item Description

During the 50’s and 60’s, Tannoy produced some of their best speakers, notably, the GRF series of horn speakers. These speakers enabled the various co-ax drivers to perform to their very best.

Guy R Fountain, the founder of Tannoy, put his initials to a few exceptional speakers, including the massive GRF Corner Horn and the GRF Rectangular Horn.

This sale is for a set of CAD/CNC files to create the intricate horn internals to build the GRF Corner Horn. All of the complex building is managed via CNC'ing the MDF or ply slices to build the main horn internals. Oak dowels are used to align slices for gluing and clamping.

The CNC cutting files also include the wood side grills.

The smooth internal horn path provides a deep and rich bass. This horn has been tested using HPD and Monitor Gold 15-inch drivers.

Sydney based horn specialist, Creation Audio, custom builds Tannoy and other famous speakers, and this method is an advanced approach to build this complex horn.

This sale includes:

CAD Engineer drawings in PDF format
CNC cutting files in .dwg or .gfx format
Photo assembly instructions
Friendly email/phone technical support as required

Any inquiry welcome.

Not for resale or commercial use.

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