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Shahinian Obelisk Shahinian Obelisk [Expired]

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For sale, one pair of well cared for Shahinian Obelisks. Finished in the ubiquitous Oak top face to the beautiful ply with a nice grain pattern. Age about 20 years old never a problem or upgraded ! If you know Shahinian you know this is the best speakers in the world in my opinion .They sounds terrific ! On a top has 4 super tweeter and 2 midrange tweeter , at the bottom hase 1 8" Seas woofer with 10" passive radiator . I don`t have the original box or manual . Pickup prefer , but if you live in New York city or closed to the city of course I can delivered to your house .About SHAHINIAN !

-Richard Shahinian was a musician, technical skills as well.
He really only listened to classical music, opera, and within that, most major orchestral works.
SHAHINIAN speakers are made ​​to order, they did not find any speakers that have fully enjoyed it. (More SHAHINIAN model of coexistence, and with them long after I absolutely agree with this!)

All this does not mean that the speakers SHAHINIAN only be suitable for this genre!
On the contrary!
Since this musical genre is the most difficult to reproduce (as in all there: the voice solo, chorus, musical instruments of all kinds: brass (copper and wood), strings, percussion, solo, chamber, and. Bulk, the most dynamic in the wide variety!
These conditions are limited to only the most outstanding speakers are able to reproduce!
The chosen ones are able to do so, any other genre is much better able to of their hands!
On the way back, of course, that's not true!
Which is not a good speaker of any genre in itself is not good!
Of course, such that. only string quartet, or hard rock was silent, he received weekly weaker devices, and even who has or needs, or hearing has been produced by only the best, it is specifically recommended for these products would, and for them it is unnecessary waste of money! (for example starting Stradivarius violin should not need to, or a student driwer not need an F1 car.)

Warning! Now we own honest opinion follows!

The SHAHINIAN speakers (these are the Obelisk, the Hawk and, above all, the Diapason) in any genre! ultimate in music reproduction can provide! Any question please let me know ! Watch my videos on you tube and watch the rest of the difference is much more expensive speakers can do much more than those ! Pictures on the video .