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SALE--Clearwave Loudspeaker Design, refined towers, Symphonia 72R-- Utilizes top tier Accuton and RAAL technology, SALE [Expired]

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Item Description

*Priced Reduced* Clearwave Loudspeaker Design has only 1 Symphonia 72R pair left at this price. They're done in curly cherry and are barely broken-in used speakers in excellent condition. They feature solid 1" thick curly cherry on the front followed by another inch of material for a 2" thick baffle. Very costly OEM RAAL tweeters and dual 7" Accuton are used for the greatest bass and transparent sound possible.

ONLY $4999 plus shipping.

******* We have very reduced rates for world-wide shipping. For example, it's only $500 freight charge to ship to Taiwan on this par. We will ship anywhere in the world! ******

NOTE this is FACTORY direct pricing so there are no huge margins on these so pricing is a great deal. LAST PAIR at this price. Read the parttimeaudiophile rave preview of the monitor version called the 7R.

After this, the price is going back to $7200 with a factory direct pricing model. These would be $14K through dealers with a traditional markup for dealers.

To sum it up you get:

Solid hardwood front for a total 2" thick baffle with scalloped air flow around the back of the woofer for the flattest frequency response.

Phase aligned point to point wired crossover network with the wiring all done neatly under the board and dampening material to absorb resonance.

RAAL OEM pure ribbon tweeters with Clarity Cap MR caps in the signal path.

Air core inductors throughout and wiring by Supra to prevent oxidation problems down the road.

Dual Accuton resonance controlled woofers.

Flat frequency response and a design that should sell for 3 times this price.

This design is refined, refined, and refined some more. The crossover is something I'm very proud of as it prioritizes simplicity but enough components to get the job done for the best polar response possible. The impedance is a flat line and does not vary more than a few ohms from 100hz to 20khz. These are 4 ohm speakers but are sensitive enough to be driven by modest amplification. A solid 30 watt high current amplifier works just fine.


More here when the monitor version was paired with the Vitus Audio amplifier:

"My favorite pairing was the.... Clearwave 7R loudspeakers. These stand mounts feature a RAAL-ribbon tweeter and an Accuton mid/bass driver. I’ll have a lot more to say about these loudspeakers soon, but let me offer that the cabinets are all bespoke as [expletive] — the pairing here was, actually, quite the (visual and aural) feast and I was so distracted I don’t think I took a single picture that entire week. Sorry. But there is a thing that VA gear seems to have with ceramic loudspeakers that is mesmerizing. Not sure precisely why, or what’s going on, but the two go together like peas and carrots. Err … okay, like caviar and water crackers? Whatever. I found it intoxicating." for more info.

Stereophile called the 72R "Solid, yet delicate" at a recent audio show.

Steal these speakers today and get backed up by great customer service. Buy your pair today and see why owners are calling this the best speaker they have ever owned, and a best kept secret.