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MK (Miller Kreisel) MK II V-75 Powered Subwoofer MK II V-75 Powered Subwoofer, [Expired]

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I am selling a like new MK II V-75 Powered Subwoofer. This is truly one of the best sounding subs on the market even today. It is a far better value sub than Velodyne, Boston Acoustics, etc. It is fully featured and can be set up in many different configurations. It was part of my custom home stereo system that I recently de-installed as part of a divorce. It is as new and played/sounded flawless. You can find several reviews and blogs on this particular model on the web. I can ship in it's original box or it can be picked up. Originally purchased from a custom stereo dealer around 2006 so about 7 years old. It is in near perfect/new shape with no marks or scratches. Contact me for any questions or information. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer. I will ship using whatever the buyer wants and have the original boxes to ship in. ****Please see my other listings over the next few days, as I am willing to make a special price for the whole system******