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McIntosh XR 19 Isoplanar Loudspeakers [Expired]

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Item Description

A brief history before moving on to description and specifications: these speakers were purchased on August 4, 1982. They were single owner (deceased) but remain in family. The original owner had them as part of a mostly McIntosh system (except for a Dragon and a Denon). They were in regular use from date of purchase until late 2004, then once or twice a month to date.

These McIntosh XR 19 speakers are physically a bit rough around the edges but perform fine. They sound as good as on the day of purchase but I’m not the audiophile in the family. The main physical defect is that both speakers have received water damage to the bottom three inches, although the speaker wire connections are not damaged to my knowledge and the speaker box bases are not crumbling, warped, delaminating, etc. The water damage was the result of a broken sump pump during a storm, so while the basement flooded from the bottom up, no water damage occurred to the speakers beyond the bottom three inches. I have indicated the water line in picture and one can see the cosmetic damage that is limited to the back, so from the front you may not even notice. The second defect is a small wood patch area on the side (towards the rear) of one speaker (pic). It is found on the wooden divider between the tweeter array and the side of the speaker box. The cloth and wood frame covering the tweeter array is not aligned perfectly at this location, but the screws remain in their holes. I do not know how or when this occurred but my guess would be the area was dinged during a move from home to home. Again, I don’t notice any performance issues related to the tweeters. Lastly, there are a few long but shallow scratches to the tops – the walnut veneer has not been penetrated such that the particle board shows through. On the bright side, pictures show that the surrounds are not rotted or punctured. The speaker cloths and grilles are clean and taut and the Velcro patches for the grilles still hold tight.

I don't have experience regarding shipping heavy, large and delicate items and I don't trust that any particular shipper will deliver these speakers in a way that will not incur damage. However, I will negotiate this with the buyer if he/she will offer specific instructions regarding shipping preparation, carrier, etc. In other words, you use your experience to instruct me and I follow your directions 100%. Pickup is preferred and I am located within a 90 minute drive of Boston, MA. I wish I had the other McIntosh components to demo these speakers but they were sold long ago.

Specifications (from the included paperwork):
Impedance: 8 Ohms Nominal
Crossover Frequencies: 100 Hz, 250 Hz, 1.5 kHz
Maximum Power: 200 Watts
Speaker Sizes:
Woofer: Two 12 inch frame size (9.5 inch radiator size)
Low Mid-Range: One 8 inch frame size (6 inch radiator size)
Tweeters: Twelve 1 inch Dome Super Radiators
Cabinet Size:
Height: 45 3/4 inches
Width: 35 7/8 inches
Depth: 12 7/8 inches
Construction: 3/4 inch thick 45 pound density partial board covered with genuine walnut veneer. Hardwood internal bracing and airtight glueing of all seams and joints assures a strong and rigid enclosure. Low sheen lacquer finish.
Weight: 151 pounds (not shipping weight)