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Infinity Prelude MTS Towers Subwoofer and Spare Drivers [Expired]

no longer for sale

Item Description

I have a great pair of Infinity prelude MTS speakers for sale.
The condition 7/10 is very conservative - most would rate them 8-9/10.

These are amazing speakers and are the best value going right now.
Compare these to anything out there and you will not be let down. Items like B&W (Bowers and Wilkins), Wilson Audio, the best of Paradigm, Definitive --- anything in existence. These are world class by any standard!

I will consider partial or a full trade for silver eagle coins.

If these are picked up I have a couple of extras available to the buyer. I have extra drivers for the speakers that can be sold at a good discount when purchased with the speakers.
I have a pair of mid-bass drivers, a pair of mid-range drivers, and a pair of tweeters - all are brand new from Infinity. I intended to build another matching set of speakers and never got around to it. I'll let them go for an additional $450 if you want them. That is an outright steal. I will also throw in a set of wall brackets for the towers just for grins.

If the towers sell and the buyer elects not to purchase the spare drivers, the drivers will be listed later at a higher price. Not high enough they I make any profit just enough to help cover my purchase price from Infinity.

Towers Only = $2100.00

Subwoofer (the pair) = $795.00 (Only with the towers OR after the towers sell)
I'll discount these if purchased with the towers.

Spare driver set = $450.00 (Only with the towers OR after the towers sell)

I may consider shipping the subs - please contact me first to see if we can work something out.
The towers I will ship.

If picked up the terms are COD. This is best as it avoids shipping risks and will give you the opportunity to inspect the speakers and listen to them before taking delivery. I'll offer an additional discount if you pick them up in person with cash in hand.

I'll forward pictures upon request.

Please not the shipping the a-gon estimator uses is a per tower estimate and is not always 100% accurate.
I will need to forward you actual shipping costs. The subwoofers are not included in the estimator at all and I will need to forward those to you as well.