BSi LOUDSPEAKERS Model 3 Better than Revel Salon 2. [Expired]

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    For sale is my pair of "BSi Model 3 Loudspeakers". Less than 1 yr old. 
Received them in Oct 2012. They are in EXCELLENT condition.

    BSi speakers are built by PBN AUDIO, founder Peter Noerbaek, who are most notable for their MONTANA Master Reference speaker and a full line of several other award winning models. A very well established company for over 15 yrs. 

    The MODEL 3 is a 2-way design with a Reference quality 12" powered sub. 
With the adjustable powered sub-woofer, you can correct for any room deficiencies, standing waves, and low frequency dips. 
This pair is finished in Hi gloss BMW Ruby Black Metallic, $2000 upgrade. 
There are 2 manufacturing deficiencies in the paint finish. A very small pit on the side panel of one speaker, and a very small pit on the side panel of the second speaker. These are only cosmetic and very unnoticeable. Peter Noerbaek said he would correct the blemishes but I did not see the need to ship them back or to pursue the matter. These are heavy speakers and a little pricey to ship.
    These come with their own wood crates and will ship by freight only.

    Most people may not be familiar with BSi Loudspeakers, so here is my take on the BSi sound. 
The Model 3 has a very smooth and balanced sound. Very good detail but slightly on the dark side of neutral and they will deliver as much reference quality low end as you will ever want or need. I like the MODEL 3 more than my REVEL ULTIMA 2 SALON 2's. They are also much, much better (to my ears) than the WILSON SOPHIA 3, and the WILSON Watt/Puppy 7, which I also have experience with. 
Meaning, the BSi's do not have the over hyper hi frequencies as the Wilson's tend to have - and the BSi's have quicker, tighter, and deeper base response.

    I like the BSi's high frequency response just as much as the Revel Salon 2, but the BSi's have much more control over the low end, a more pleasant stereo image and are much more efficient than the Salon 2's. They will perform very well with tube amps. 
I sold my REVEL SALON 2's, a $22,000 speaker, and kept these BSi Model 3's. The BSi Model 3 is that good. They are built and perform as a $25,000 speaker. But through factory direct prices the Model 3 retailed for $13,000. THERE IS NO BETTER SPEAKER OUT THERE FOR THE MONEY. For my listing price you are getting a $25,000 speaker for 1/3 the cost. 
I am selling these to upgrade to the MAGICO M5 or Q5. The BSi MODEL 3 is a sealed bass design - just like MAGICO speakers. Sealed bass design is the only way to go for fast, accurate and no distortion bass.

    BSi MODEL 3; 
1 SCAN SPEAK top of the line ILLUMINATOR tweeter. 
Scan Speaks best tweeter. 
1- 6.5" SCAN SPEAK slit-cone REVELATOR midwoofer driver. 
1 - 12" DAYTON REFERENCE sub woofer, rated to below 20hz, 
Sealed suspension design, which is tighter, faster, more coherent, and MUCH LESS DISTORTION then any ported design. 
(All MAGICO speakers are suspension designs, for their low frequencies, just for this reason). 
SUBOOFER is powered by the SD 500-6 Class D amp, w/ 
volume level, crossover adjustment from 40hz-200hz, and 180 degree phase knob.
    Cabinet is an all wood design, very rigid and stiff (no MDF). 2" front baffle, free from cabinet resonance and dead to the knuckle test. 
Dimensions: 41" tall w/ spikes. 16" wide at base. 10" wide at top. 
18" deep and has a sloped back design for better time alignment. 
I will ship these fully insured by freight in all the original packaging, wrapped in foam, then clear wrapped, and put in their custom wood crates.

    I collect speakers and have shipped many so, rest assured, I will ship very carefully.

    Looking forward to your questions.

    Thank you, 

    Questions for the seller

    Q: Hello Brian if these speakers are that good , And better then the Revel Salon-2 which are great loudspeakers, why are you selling these And not the Revels ? Also I have not seen any Comparable professional reviews that put these speakers in the same league as the speakers mentioned above. Please do elaborate.

    A: Hi, sorry for the confusion. My ad is a bit wordy. I stated in the ad that I have already SOLD the REVEL's, and I kept the BSi Model 3's, because, in a nutshell, I like the quality and control of the bass output of the BSi's much better than the REVEL's. The BSi's also have a better stereo image, music plays outside of the speakers, making the speakers disappear as a sound source. I go into more detail in the ad, about sound quality and direct differences between BSi model3's and the REVEL Salon2's and a couple Wilson speakers i have experience with. I also state the reason for my selling the BSi's. I have bought a pair of MAGICO M5's, Used. They retailed for $89,000. The MAGICO's are a better speaker than the BSi's. Even though I like collecting speakers, I am selling/sold a few pair to pay for the MAGICO's. Hope this helps. Thnx for your time, Brian

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