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B&W HTM2D Used Bowers & Wilkens HTM2Diamond black [Expired]

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I bought this new when it was first launched and used it for several years , but since then it's been in storage. Had put this on Audiogon last month but didn't have photo's yet so I'm reposting now with photos as I had to go to where it was stored and unpack.
Speaker comes with original box. There is some very small marks on one side of the speaker, i've attached a photo to show them but they are so small it might now show all that clearly, like two small chips about the size of a pen tip.
Also most important is that when it was being packed up my little nephews were goofing around and stuck their fingers through the tweeter, I've removed the tweeter as they need to be replaced, still have the magnet and replacing it would be very easy, simply connect wires and twist the rod to screw them back in.. The diamond tweeters are pretty fragile, they simply just pressed on them and crack (you can imagine my face when i noticed), so if you buy this be sure to be mindful of that, they could even break if you brushed up against them with some weight, the covers help but they're on by magnet and it doesn't take much for them to come off too.. Anyway figure about 1k for a tweeter to get a new one from B&W direct or your local dealer..