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Fidelity Research FR-7f Cartridge [Expired]

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Item Description

Here is an excellent example of the Fidelity Research FR-7f cartridge with the original case. Highly sought after 6-digit serial number, SUPER! Bank-wire transfer is the preferred form of payment. Please add the appropriate fees for PayPal. Thanks for looking!

Tonal right, superior Detail, no tonal gap from lowest to top range, never smears, superior channel separation, exceptional imaging & transparency ...terrific
The King of Cartridges

■ MC-type power generation system
Output voltage ■ 0.15mV (3.54cm/sec 45 °)
■ 2.0 ~ 3.0g tracking force
■ 10-45,000 Hz frequency reproduction
■ 28dB/1kHz Channel
■ 1dB/1kHz Channel balance
■ Compliance 7 × 10 -6 cm / Dyne
■ 3Ω load resistance
■ Load Capacity
Internal impedance 2Ω ■
■ Rifaindokontakuto needle
■ 30g weight