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Electro-Voice Regency III 114B System Rare Matching Pair [Expired]

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NEW PRICE- Completely restored, MATCHED PAIR Electro-Voice Regency III, Corner Horn enclosure, speakers.

Very rare to find a matched pair as most were sold as single speakers to mono systems.

These are in the more rare Ribbon Mahogany finish and are true corner speakers with the solid Mahogany top extending to a point.

Housing the top of the line components, these retailed close to $600 EACH in the late 50's and early 60's.


Regency III 114B System:

SP15-15" Woofer
T25/8HD Tweeter and Horn
T35 Tweeter
AT37 Attenuators-4 for treble and Mid range
X8 and X36 Crossovers.

The cabinet is two fold with an internal cabinet housing the drivers. There is a gap between the outside cabinet along the back and sides which creates a "Bass Trap". The fabric on the sides covers the bass ports.

These have been completely restored with new, period correct grill cloth and the Mahogany stain they should be finished in. Absolutely beautiful and incredible sounding speakers. I have had these on tubes and solid state, and they perform amazing on both. Hooked up and ready to demo.

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Each speaker is 29" deep, 30" high, and 33.5" wide and weighs 94 lbs.

Shipping and crating charges will be paid by buyer. Crating charges are $500.

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