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DARWIN CABLE COMPANY Silver Digital Coax A REAL SLEEPER! Instantly Dynamic! [Expired]

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If you have been following Darwin Cable Company for a while you know our air dielectric floating silver wire concept has resulted in enthusiastic reviews from the likes of Stereo Mojo—“Is This The Killer Cable of the Year?”—and veteran reviewer Andre Marc at

When we started developing this cable it was from Bill Magerman's firm sonic foundation—low mass terminations and high quality silver. From there came the development of the air dielectric floating wire design, some closely guarded build techniques, and cryogenics.

If it all sounds expensive and time-consuming—it is—but Magerman and his partner, Tony Bender, discovered during their mission to build a better cable that many commonly used techniques were tragically and sonically flawed. Most use substandard materials, but even high quality materials poorly implemented, shortchage the listener.

Darwin Cable Company did and continues to do something different—putting resources into research and product development instead of advertising, trusting that the performance and value was so self-evident, the audio community would take notice. And they have in a big way in completely organic fashion. One guy buys a cable—loves it—and brings over a buddy to listen.

While our flagship Darwin Silver IC gets the most notice, our Darwin Digital Coax cable has turned out to be a real sleeper—certainly the best performing digital cable we've ever heard. I never would have happened had it not been for one of our most trusted beta testers who insisted that along with Darwin Interconnects, he needed a Digital Cable.

All things are easier said than done, and at Darwin Cables, if we can't build a cable that is definitively better than what's out there regardless of price, we won't sell it. As it turns out, the same principles that make the other Darwin Cables so outstanding were equally as effective in this digital design.

We heard DAC's leap to life with the same expansive impact our other Darwin Cables have. Even old school tube DACs like the California Audio Labs Sigma II delivered unprecedented detail and frequency response.

Cyrus Won's experience is typical:

“I had been using a highly regarded silver coax cable from a specialty audio cable company when I read the review of Darwin Cables in Stereomojo. The price/performance ratio seemed too great to pass up so I went for a Darwin Silver Coax Digital Cable and a pair of Darwin Silver ICs.  When I inserted the Darwin Digital coax between my server and DAC, I was shocked by the improvement. The whole sonic picture opened up, there seemed to be less distortion, and the tonality seemed more correct. AND I was able to enjoy the system at a lower volume level without losing those qualities. When I reinserted my old coax cable, those qualities fell away. A friend who came over said he'd never heard my system sound that way and that he could just listen to it for hours. He also noticed the increased clarity and dynamics at lower volumes. The music just seemed to flow. I brought them to his place to try in his system with the same results, but since his DAC has only an optical cable, we could only use the Darwin Silver ICs. But he plans to order a pair to connect his DAC to his preamp, and a pair so he can hear his SACD player output. To end, I'm getting a couple more Darwin Silver ICs to connect my phono stage to my preamp!”

A 3' Darwin Digital Cable is $175. Plus shipping. Call 701-710-1517 to order. MC/Visa.

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Special Builds Offered.
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