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DeWald P1400 EL84 integrated amp - totally restored [Expired]

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Item Description

Handsome DeWald P1400 Push-Pull EL84 Integrated Tube Amp – fully restored with all new Xicon polypropylene coupling caps and all new electrolytic power supply capacitors. 15 watts per channel.

Googling, I found out that this amp is very similar to the Lafayette LA-235. However, after acquiring the DeWald SAMS Photofacts schematic from my local library, I can see that there are small differences in the circuitry. Schematic will be included.

Tube complement is (2) Brimar (vintage Made In England) EZ80 rectifier tubes, (2) U.S.-manufactured 12AX7 phono tubes, (2) RCA 7199 driver/phase splitter tubes, matched quad, strong-testing, Brimar EL84 output tubes (vintage Made In England).

All controls and switches cleaned. All voltages tested and are within 10% of original spec when operated at 117 volts, per SAMS Photofacts schematic. Meticulous workmanship (i.e., no tack soldering). Old capacitor leads are removed and new ones are mechanically attached before soldering.

Tested on all inputs, including phono. Working fine and sounding great. No hum.

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