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Music Server, with Auralic Ark MX+ Dac, and HiDiamond Digital Cable (World Class Combo) [Expired]

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Item Description

hi, Im selling a world class front end combo which includes:

- Auralic ARK MX+ 32-bit/192kHz USB dac......

this dac has easily bested many higher priced dacs. there are great reviews online. one review said he replaced his $6000 Weiss for this auralic.

- Elite Electronics Music Server.......

this music server is state of the art. hand made in California. compares to cd players that cost up to $10000. owners have switched from krells, ML etc to these units. . comes with a wireless router and ipod (remote). have your entire music library at the push of a button. this is the best music server around. this unit has upgraded parts compared to the ones they make today. it is one of a kind.
website is tailoredtechnology

- HiDiamond Digital Cable (better than current digital reference)
1 meter

THIS CABLE IS NOT OFFERED, IT IS A ONE OF A KIND. the digital reference is hidiamonds top dig. cable and retails for $1000. many have said that the dig. reference is the best they ever heard. this cable i have is even better than that and was told it destroys the dig. reference. it looks like the ultimate series that retails for $5600. i don't know if this one is $5600 but it looks the same. it is fat in the middle and skinny near the ends unlike the dig reference that is the same thickness throughout. it came with the server/dac combo i got so i didn't get it new. this is the best digital cable period.

I would prefer to sell set as a combo as splitting it up would be a shame. however, I may split it up. the gear is in great condition and is only a year old. this is the best I've ever heard, a must hear.

100% feedback on other sites with same username. buy with confidence