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Creek Classic 5350 SE Integrated Amplifier Special Edition [Expired]

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Item Description

Built in an aluminium case, with a machined solid aluminium front panel the Creek 5350SE Classic provides superior sound quality, look and feel. The 5350SE is constructed in a modular way, with a separate power amp, pre-amp and remote volume control circuit boards, connected with computer grade flat cables, plugs and sockets. The 5350SE is supplied with a passive pre-amp circuit, providing no additional gain to the source signal. Although not strictly necessary, it can be configured with an active pre-amp, if required, by plugging-in the optional 53LINE circuit board with 6dB's of gain. An optional MM or MC Phono pre-amp can also be plugged-in to further increase the 5350SE s flexibility.
The Remote control circuit uses a motorized ALPS 6 way rotary switch, to select the desired input, and high grade 16 and 27 mm motorized volume potentiometers, controlled either manually or via the remote handset. In addition, the 5350 can be set to record one input, while simultaneously listening to a different input, similar to a video recorder.

To accommodate Bi-wiring and Bi-amping, the 5350SE is fitted with 2 pairs of high current speaker binding posts plus separate pre-amp output and power amp input sockets. Speaker A/B selection is switchable from the front panel; joining and separating the pre/power sections is achieved with a link on the rear panel. The 5350 also hosts a front panel mounted headphone socket, which is unusual in modern integrated amplifiers.
Short circuit, DC offset and anti-thump protection circuitry makes the 5350SE a sophisticated, user friendly integrated amplifier, with a technical performance close to the best that can be achieved. Higher power and better components are used in the SE version to provide a serious up-grade path for Audiophiles who want the best. For the technically minded:-

The 5350SE uses a high current, N channel only, MOSFET power output stage, driven by a P channel MOS-FET phase splitter and double differential voltage amplifier with symmetrical class A driver, to achieve ultra-low distortion and high speed with minimal negative feedback. Therefore, the 5350SE is able to avoid using any active circuitry in its pre-amp and still achieve high input sensitivity. The optional plug-in 53LINE amp uses all discrete transistor circuitry in a unique double differential servo controlled design which achieves, unbelievably low, distortion and noise performance. The 5350SE uses a 250VA toroidal transformer, together with multiple power supply capacitors totaling 31,000uF, 105 degree C, low impedance, to achieve the quality of computer grade capacitors but with very low inductance, for the ultimate in sonic performance.

Like other Creek amplifiers, the 5350SE is DC servo controlled, to enable direct coupling from input to output and accurate low frequency roll-off, thereby eliminating sonically degrading capacitors from its signal path.

The 5350SE is a landmark in Hi-Fi design, incorporating state of the art circuitry with elegant styling to achieve a versatile and high fidelity amplifier par excellence.