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Clearwave Loudspeaker Design Minuet M72 2.5-Way Floorstanders w/Scanspeak Illuminator Tweeters [Expired]

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Item Description

Lightly used pair of Minet M72 2.5-way speakers designed and built by Jed Kunz of Clearwave Loudspeaker Design using a Scanspeak D3004/6620-00 (“Illuminator”) tweeter (an upgrade over the HDS tweeter in the standard M72) in combination with 2 X Seas Excel W18NX-001 mid-bass drivers. These drivers retail for $1371 USD alone. Construction quality is very high. The cabinets are made from 1-inch MDF (doubled to 2-inch for the baffle), utilize multiple internal braces, and are covered with curly maple veneer. (The photo without drivers was provided by Jed during the building process.) The rear panel has a 3-inch diameter flared port and Cardas binding posts mounted in a custom circular plate. The crossovers were built using Clarity SA-series capacitors (in key locations), Mundorf resistors, air-core inductors, and point-to-point wiring using Cardas solder. Jed conducts extensive measurements to refine his crossover designs and found that these speakers have smooth off-axis response and good phase alignment; therefore, there is no dip in response at the crossover point off-axis. In my system, these speakers offer smooth, non-fatiguing sound with excellent imaging, good dynamic contrasts, and surprisingly deep bass response. These speakers are less than 2 months old and in flawless condition. My reason for selling is that I have too many speakers and need to thin the herd.

Each M72 reportedly weighs 60 pounds (feels more like 70 to me) and measures 39 X 9 X 14 inches. The bases are threaded for floor spikes (included). I received these speakers by freight delivery, but I believe the packaging is heavy-duty enough to withstand UPS shipping. I will ship by the carrier of your choice. Local pickup in Michigan is also welcome. Payment by check or money order preferred, but I will also accept Paypal if you’re willing to “gift” me the funds or pay the 3% fee.

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